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Fluffy Waist Coat Sleeveless Bat Wing Jackets

Fluffy Waist Coat Sleeveless Bat Wing Jackets-9239F_WHT

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Fluffy Waist Coat Sleeveless Bat Wing Jackets

You don't have to sacrifice fashion to stay warm. Bundle up in this waistcoat cardigan that keeps out the cold with stylish flair. Featuring a plush faux-fur that delivers lasting comfort and warmth. Create effortless outfits with a flattering and versatile all-season design. The smart sleeveless design is comfortable and stylish on hot summer days.

More Information:

  • Size UK 6-12
  • Length = 21.5'' (55cm)
  • Winter fashion
  • Easy on and off
  • Skin Safe
  • EAN: 635983787053

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