Saturday Morning Fry Ups: Hubbub Bar and Kitchen

Saturday Morning Fry Ups: Hubbub Bar and Kitchen

Enjoying a good breakfast is the perfect way to start the weekend. Saturday mornings are when I usually have a bit of extra time to explore breakfast spots, and I’m always on the hunt for places that serve excellent fry ups to add to my list. The Full English Breakfast is a British staple, and rightly so. I can also confirm, after years of research, that it is a great hangover cure.

This weekend I checked out Hubbub Bar and Kitchen on Westferry Road, which is a 10 minute walk from where I live on the Isle of Dogs, and the nearest place in the vicinity serving a Full English.

Hubbub Bar and Kitchen
Hubbub is a breakfast and burger spot which also has a bar, and is a favourite with the locals on the island.

Set in a converted Victorian-era chapel which was built in the mid-19th century, it also features an outdoor seating area next to the entrance which is a great option for drinks in the summer. The Space, an art and exhibitions venue, is also located downstairs, and posters of upcoming posters and events deck the walls leading up to the Hubbub’s main seating area and bar.

First impressions after setting foot in this place – it’s cosy, charming, and seems to have its fair share of regular visitors, which is always a good sign.

Inside Hubbub

The staff greeted me warmly, and I sat myself down at a table next to the window and had a look at the menu to explore my breakfast options.

The Hubbub Menu

The Hubbub Breakfast menu has a nice range of choices and a degree of customisability for those who would rather pick and choose their preferred components. You can choose from your traditional fry ups or something lighter like an eggs florentine, or bacon sandwich. Vegetarian options are also available. Breakfasts are also served until 4pm, which is good if you’re going for a late brunch or if you, like me, enjoy breakfast food at any time of day.

I went for the obvious choice – the Full Works, the biggest and most calorific option available which comes with 2 sausages, 2 rashers of bacon, 2 fried eggs, tomatoes, and mushrooms. At £11, this definitely wasn’t a cheap fry up, but neither was it small. Needless to say, there was no need to have lunch later.

The Full Works

All in all, this is a very simple and standard take on the Full English and it doesn’t try to complicate things. The ingredients were good and everything was cooked well. The portion of beans was a nice size (I don’t like how some places drown the plate in baked beans). They also gave nice thick slices of toast, which I like. However they also sandwiched the butter portions in between the slices of warm bread, which meant that the butter had melted and turned into mush before I could unwrap the packets, which was a little annoying. Although the bacon was a little fattier than I normally like, the overall dish wasn’t overly greasy. I’d opt for the Mighty Breakfast the next time, which substitutes one bacon, one sausage and one egg, with a hash brown (my favourite part of a fry up) and black pudding, to get a bit more variety.

The mocha I washed it down with was really nice, which wasn’t surprising because I had heard good things about the coffee at this place. Hubbub uses Taylor St. Roastery’s Benchmark espresso beans in all their coffees, which are sourced from around 30 origins around the world. As a big fan of coffee, this was a real treat.

I’d definitely recommend checking this place out, especially if you live locally on the Isle of Dogs and love a fry up. View the full menu here.

Hubbub Bar and Kitchen
269 Westferry Road, Isle of Dogs
London, E14 3RS


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